ShakeItUp Theatre – English improv show

Shakespeare hasn’t written anything new for an age. So we thought we’d give him a hand. Using his language, your audience suggestions and our overactive imaginations, we create a brand new Shakespeare play every single night! Complete with live music, songs and plenty of laughs, we weave together the themes, characters and language of Shakespeare to create an unforgettable evening that the Bard himself would have been proud to pen… (probably!).

ShakeItUp Theatre perform a brand new long-form show every fortnight in London. In 2018 we were voted the top show to see at the Camden Fringe. We are mentored and supported by Dave Hearn, who is a founding member of Mischeif Theatre, who created The Play That Goes Wrong. In 2019 we performed at the XActor Festival in Rome and will be performing at the Larmer Tree and Edinburgh Fringe festivals.

Tickets: 30/20 PLN

DISCOUNTS: students, pensioner, students attending courses at Szkoła Impro (please remember to take the right document wit you as you will be asked for proof of your discount eligibility)

Tickets available: