Беларускі Стендап – A Belarusian Stand-up at Rakieta Klub

czwartek, 30.06

miejsce: Rakieta Klub, Nowy Świat 4a Warszawa

Стэндап-канцэрт на беларускай мове ў Варшаве! Міхась Ільін, Максім Канавал, Андрэй Райн, Ягор Анісімаў, і іншыя. Частка сродкаў пойдзе на дапамогу Украіне.

Belarusian standup concert in Warsaw. Mikhail Ilyin, Maksim Kanaval, Andrei Rayn, Yahor Anisimau and others. Part of the collected money will be sent to a fund helping Ukraine.

30 PLN

Tickets available:


1. During the performances, we offer viewers no more seats in the room than allowed. Please, follow the markings and keep the required distance between the seats..
2. Buying a ticket and coming to the show is tantamount to the viewer’s statement that they are not under quarantine and that for the last 10 days they:
– have not stayed in countries with an increased incidence of coronavirus
– had no contact with people who were confirmed to be infected with coronavirus
– had no symptoms of coronavirus infection (fever, cough, diarrhea, shortness of breath, pain in muscles and joints, etc.).

If you notice any disturbing health symptoms, please resign from coming to the performance and stay at home.